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2022 was the year of processes and structure for Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO). We clarified our vision and values and built an entire operating system around it.

This is Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO):

  • Calm company: We value flow and deep work. No agency hustle, no instant notifications.
  • Proactiveness to pursue innovative ideas and find creative solutions.
  • Trust & results-driving relationships with our clients
  • Progress brings perfection.
  • Sharing and community building: We are proud to be part of a community of marketers that understand that we rise together (and not compete).

I want to say thank to every single one of you:

  • Helene and Rebecca for treating our clients with so much care and insight.
  • Angela and Boban for your link successes and your open mind to reinvent our techniques.
  • Gabby for being my right hand and growing all of our marketing channels.
  • Maja, Rachel and Sam for a consistent and reliable flow of content.
  • Hannes for your meaningful technical analysis.
  • Christoph and Abril for supporting our campaigns.

2022 was special, let’s dive in.

Shortlisted for two B2B SEO Search Awards

This spring, we got shortlisted for two search awards:

  • Best Use of Search: B2B SEO – European Search Awards
  • Best Use of Search: B2B SEO – Global Search Awards

The campaign: Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO) & Beekeeper – Holistic B2B SEO: Content Marketing Meets SEO

Beekeeper is the leading frontline success platform. The app helps to reach, connect and manage all those that work without a desk and laptop: Frontline workers in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality and other industries.

Beekeeper has always executed great content marketing – from blog posts, to white papers, trend reports and guides. Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO)has supported with technical SEO, content strategy and optimization as well as link building to scale organic visibility and traffic dramatically.

We are extremely grateful for the long-lasting relationship, honest iterations in strategy and friendly cooperation. Our big thank you goes to the talented marketers in the Beekeeper team for putting their trust into us.

Launch of The Startup (R)evolution Podcast

Normally, I talk about marketing and SEO to marketers.

On this new show, I talk zero about SEO and all about building teams.

The topic of leadership has been on my mind for many years. 

Now, I am able to explore it with my peers on the new show, The Startup (R)evolution. Check out the episodes here.

We are excited to change the world of startups for the better – but trying to make a difference and turning our good intentions into reality has proven to be more complicated than expected. 

We constantly encounter unexpected second order effects: When we solve one issue, we end up unintentionally creating another one. It is dawning on us that being a good leader is more complex than simply having that one big idea.

True leadership is about the difficult decisions and trade-offs you encounter whilst executing it.

On this show, we explore the entrepreneurial zeitgeist with the aim to work and lead differently. 

Big thank you to producer Gabriela Nuñez for finding the name and bringing the podcast to life.

Redesign of Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO) Website

The  new and shiny Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO) website launched this autumn.

Website copy by Harvey Hancock.

Design and development by the one and only Manuel Biedermann. 

Thank you for creating such magic!

Finally all of our articles (for example by the talented Sofie Couwenbergh and Helene Jelenc) have the slick look that the content deserves. All custom illustrations are thanks to Maks and Dominik.

8 Decoding SEO the Success Secrets Webinars 

360Learning, ConvertKit, BambooHR, Canva, Drift, Personio… are just some of the startups we decoded this year

I really enjoy the series and I am very grateful for my co-hosts such as Sofie Couwenberg, Mary Ellen Slayter, Rebecca Bowden and Helene Jelenc.

We are proud to be part of a community of marketers that understand that we share and rise together.


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Helene publishes for Search Engine Journal

Helene and I met in the Women in Tech SEO community when I was looking for a new SEO to join Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO). I am very grateful for her joining the team this year.

Since she started, she has taught me countless lessons about spreadsheets, pivot tables and Data Studio visualization. I am honestly a better SEO for it.

This summer, Helene became a regular contributor to Search Engine Journal. You can find her brilliant writing and thoughtful analysis here. We recommend her latest research study on SaaS landing pages and what it takes for them to rank.

1,151 backlinks from 914 domains

Shoutout to Boban, Angela, Maja, Rachel and Sam for their continuous efforts in bringing new techniques, new domains and new backlinks to our clients.

Angela and Boban both celebrated their 4-year anniversary at Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO) this year, making them the earliest team members around since the start, and the backbone of the company.

Welcome to Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO), Sam!

Conceptualized Mindful Marketing

This year, I got to create a talk and concept around an idea that has been on my mind for a while: Mindful marketing. 

Here is the thing with modern marketing… The internet gurus told us there was only 1 way to succeed. Typically their way. 

And with that, they force us into a box and into their programs  – no matter our talents or preferences.

There is a better way!

Remember mindful eating? Mindful, intuitive eating is a simple idea. It requires you to stop looking at food as “good” or “bad.” Instead, you listen to your body and eat what feels right for you.

Mindful marketing is the same. It is led by your integrity.

It is about total alignment of goal, workflow and personality.

We are too creative, too empathic and too unique for one size fits all.

Mindful marketing knows: There is a unique way to win – one for each of us.


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Fridays off for core team in August

Inspired by the 4 Day Work Week, we have streamlined our processes, gained efficiencies and reaped the rewards. In August, the entire core team of Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO) took all Fridays off.

We picked August because it is typically a slower month in business, so client emails and notifications are often much lower. Plus, the weather is much better and it is more fun not to be on the laptop. 

And with this, we were putting our productivity to the test! And whilst it was scary in the current economic climate, I wanted to live up to our promise of Fridays off – and it worked.

Thank you to our clients!

Ultimately, I am very grateful for the talented marketers that choose to put their trust in Flow agency (formerly: Flow SEO).

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with you to make the most out of your content!


Viola Eva
Viola is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow, and mindful marketing. As a marketing consultant and SEO, she has worked with clients ranging from individual digital entrepreneurs to software companies to multi-national corporates and government institutions. She is a speaker, educator, and specialist on all things SEO.
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