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We are so excited to introduce to you our new masterclass on the 28th of September 2021. Join us to uncover what it really takes to grow software startups and scaleups. We go deep into organic growth, marketing and demand generation.

All videos are NOW available as replays.

Scroll down below for the full sessions.

Our speakers are carefully selected based on their knowledge, expertise and experience. No fluff, no gibberish, no sales pitches.


⚡️ 3pm CET – Vukasin Vukosavljevic, lemlist

⚡️ 3.30pm CET – Tim Soulo, Ahrefs

⚡️ 4pm CET – Hanne Vervaeck, Thrive Themes

⚡️ 4.30pm CET – Agata Krzysztofik, Piktochart

⚡️ 5pm CET – Viola Eva, Flow SEO

⚡️ 5.30pm CET – Chris Koronowski, Business Paradise

⚡️ 6pm CET – Rob Walling, MicroConf & TinySeed

⚡️ 6.30pm CET – Greg Elfrink, Empire Flippers

⚡️ 7pm CET- Rian Doris, Flow Research Collective


You will get detailed marketing sessions where you will learn about messaging, product-led content marketing, building a loyal customer base, SEO, copy writing and positioning.


✅ Marketing leaders in demand generation, growth or content marketing✅ Founders of software/SaaS companies✅ Content marketers, lead generation experts and marketers


Are you frustrated by fluffy, long presentations without any actionable insights?

We feel you. We believe that less is more. Fewer speakers, but carefully curated. Shorter sessions and more focus.

Your time and attention are precious, so we respect them.

Each presentation is short and to the point (20 minutes) creating space for meaningful Q&A.

Join us for a truly practical virtual event, packed with unique sessions.


🔥 Hanne Vervaeck 🔥

Hanne is COO (and previously CMO) at Thrive Themes. After obtaining a degree in Fashion Business and working several years as a shoes buyer, she decided to follow her passion and specialize in online marketing.

At Thrive Themes, her goal is to level up, do sh*t, fail, get better, improve and she strives to get everyone around her do the same.

🔥 Tim Soulo 🔥

Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product advisor at Ahrefs (an industry leading SEO tool, powered by Big Data).

With almost 10 years of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, Tim eagerly shares his knowledge by giving live talks at various digital marketing conferences around the world and publishing blog articles at Ahrefs Blog. He’s the author of many data-driven SEO research studies and a number of detailed marketing guides.

🔥 Agata Krzysztofik 🔥

Agata Krzysztofik is a growth mentor and a marketing leader with +10 years of experience in developing and executing growth strategies at companies like Google, Groove, and Piktochart. Currently, as a VP Growth at Piktochart and Piktostory, she is leading a 100% remote marketing, sales, and product team.

🔥 Vukasin Vukosavljevic 🔥

Vuk is a marketing practitioner who works as Head of Growth at lemlist, a cold email and sales automation tool that helps you personalize outbound campaigns. Vuk was lemlist’s first employee helping the company reach $8M ARR, without raising capital. He has over six years of experience in the startup and agency world.

🔥 Rian Doris 🔥

Rian Doris is the Co-Founder & COO at the Flow Research Collective, a research and training institute focused on decoding the neuroscience of flow states and training leaders to achieve peak performance. Rian lives at the intersection of entrepreneurship and academia.

On the entrepreneurial side, Rian has worked intimately with numerous world-leading experts in peak performance such as Keith Ferrazzi, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Steven Kotler, his partner at Flow Research Collective.

🔥 Greg Elfrink 🔥

Gregory joined Empire Flippers in April 2016 originally as our Content Manager. Now, as our Director of Marketing, he manages everything from the content to the marketing automation, to vision and goal setting, all the way down to the implementation. His big goal is to take Empire Flippers more mainstream as a M&A brand, and to help investors see the power of digital assets, while helping sellers have life changing exits.

🔥 Chris Koronowski 🔥

Chris is an entrepreneur with international and multicultural experience, whose personal goal is to make a positive change in the world. He is passionate about Marketing and Growth Hacking on LinkedIn platform. He works with founders, podcasters, coaches and consultants on helping them build their professional brand on LinkedIn.

🔥 Rob Walling🔥

Rob Walling is the serial entrepreneur behind Drip, MicroConf and TinySeed. He’s host of Startups for the Rest of Us and author of “Start Small, Stay Small.”

The full Youtube playlist can be found here.


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Viola Eva
Viola is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow, and mindful marketing. As a marketing consultant and SEO, she has worked with clients ranging from individual digital entrepreneurs to software companies to multi-national corporates and government institutions. She is a speaker, educator, and specialist on all things SEO.
Flow Blog

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