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Meet our Outreach Specialist, Boban! He is the strategic force behind our robust link-building initiatives and has been pivotal in creating lasting partnerships that drive our success at Flow agency.

Boban is not just an outreach expert; he’s also the visionary founder behind the Startup Yeti website, an indispensable guide for mastering remote work and effective team management.

When he’s not building links, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and everything outdoor-related.

Learn more about Boban in this interview!

P. S. If you want to check out his magic, here’s his latest masterclass:


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3 Influencers You Follow Religiously

I think these people are influencing my work on a day to day basis from sharing knowledge to practical examples I’d implement:

Most Bizarre/Interesting Client Project

The most interesting project I’ve done throughout the years is building links for a German client, a German outreach, even if I don’t understand anything. After that project, I can easily say that this is how I learned more German words than from school or anything else.

What Values Motivate You?

Personally, I would say that curiosity, compassion, and kindness are the core values that drive me forward in life. On a professional side, I think progress, being helpful and innovative for the team is what moves the motor for me.

Favorite Ways to Spend Your Free Time?

Whenever I have free time or on the weekends, I enjoy as much as possible the time spent with the kids or do an outdoor activity depending on the time of the year – biking, snowboarding, etc.

Favorite Industry Podcast/Show To Follow?

The Authority Hacker – I think if you’re not following them by now, you should start immediately. Is podcast is my favorite thing to watch and listen to all the time.


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3 Resources Everyone Should Know About

Favorite Area Of Your Work?

What I love the most in my work is that I have team members that I can always rely on and reach out to, without feeling that I’d be rejected. I have full trust and responsibility to decide and give perfect results and all the freedom anyone could wish for!

As A Kid, What Did Dou Want To Be When You Grew Up?

As a kid, I was mostly in love with watching Sfi-Fi/Space-related movies that tickled my imagination and love of space and stars and galaxies so I wanted to become an astronaut and see that beauty with my own eyes! Although, ending up with SEO now is perfect too! 🙂


Gabby Nunez
Gabby is the marketing whiz at Flow Agency. As the agency's marketing specialist, She handles all social media channels, oversees content creation, and runs the agency blog.
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