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In today’s corporate world, employee experience is more than just a buzzword; it’s a pivotal element in driving business success. A new wave of startups is reshaping how businesses engage, manage, and empower their workforce.

Among these trailblazers, Lattice, Hibob, WorkHuman, Bitrix 24, Leapsome, Nectar HR, Bonusly, Work Tango, Week Done, and FirstUp stand out. Each of these companies brings unique products to improve their customers’ employee experience, through a variety of ways. Moreover, these companies have special marketers that understand how to approach their product marketing goals, through educational and engagement efforts that drive lead growth.

So, if you’re an SEO specialist or enthusiast keen to uncover the secrets behind the triumph of SaaS businesses in the employee experience domain, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive into the creative strategies they implemented!

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1. Lattice

Lattice is the HR powerhouse that’s transforming the way businesses harness their talent. They offer a performance management platform for industries ranging from, SMBs agencies to mid-market

They’ve got all the tools you need under one digital roof, from team performance and compensation management to analytics, and OKRs.

Lattice is making waves in the digital realm. Today, they’re ranking for a whopping 60,019 keywords, boasting a Domain Rating of 76, and notching up 534,000 backlinks.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Library of Rich Resources: Lattice has cultivated a treasure trove of resources that caters to every HR enthusiast’s needs. From insightful articles and comprehensive ebooks to engaging interviews and practical templates, they’ve got it all. Today, the Library has almost 1,4K pages indexed!
  • Engaging Interviews: Conversations are powerful. These subject matter expert interviews delve into the nitty-gritty of HR, offering valuable insights and fostering a sense of community among their audience.
  • Audience-Centric Content Categorization: They’ve organized their content with surgical precision, categorizing it according to the type of audience. For example, their Manager’s resource page with all the articles, interviews, and content for leaders, executives, and managers.
  • Insightful Podcasts: Lattice offers not one, but two podcast options. The first explores how to be a “people-first” company, unraveling the secrets of cultivating a stellar work culture. The second delves into industry leaders’ experiences, offering actionable tips for building a robust and successful organization.
  • Diverse Webinars and Events: Lattice’s webinars and events are a goldmine of knowledge, meticulously categorized by topics of interest. Talking about company culture, compensation, diversity, inclusion, or other HR topics to keep their HR audience engaged and informed. They usually have two events per month, shared in their upcoming agenda.

2. Hibob

Hibob is the modern HR solution redefining how businesses experience employee management. Hibob is more than just an HR platform; they’re the architects of employee experience. From streamlining onboarding and workflows to improving performance and compensation management, Hibob offers a suite of core HR functionalities. 

Regarding their SEO performance: while Hibob’s backlink count may be a tad lower compared to some heavyweights (a total of 22K backlinks), don’t let that fool you. They’re still rocking it with a respectable Domain Rating of 72. 

Hibob shines bright with a total of 54,242 keywords, ensuring they’re discoverable across a vast spectrum of searches. Their solutions cater to HR managers, employees, and beyond.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • HR Glossary: Hibob’s HR Glossary is a knowledge treasure trove with more than 300 pages.  Thanks to the glossary, they rank for terms like offboarding (Position 4), compensation plans (Position 1), human resources processes (Position 1), HR technology (Position 4), and 2,478 more in the top 10 positions of Google.
  • Compelling Case Studies: Hibob doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Their compelling case studies unveil real-life success stories, offering a look at how organizations have succeeded using their solutions. These stories provide the much-needed business case for businesses aiming to elevate their employee experience and for example, sharing how IDH boosted their engagement with Bob, planning their workforce, and testing new global processes.
  • Product Briefs: For those hungry for in-depth knowledge, Hibob’s Product Briefs are a feast for the curious. Each product, whether it’s 1:1s, People Analytics, Payroll Hub, or Performance Management, gets its dedicated page, unraveling its intricacies and benefits. Their investment brief page is a must-do to add to your website. 
  • News and Awards Showcase: Hibob knows that trust and authority matter. Their News and Awards are a testament to their excellence, showcasing their recognition in the industry. 
  • HR Tools Galore: Hibob’s commitment to HR teams shines through its variety of HR tools and resources. These tools, on retention for example, are lifesavers for HR professionals and ensure ranking success for keywords like HR audit checklist (Position 1) or workforce planning template (Position 2).

3. WorkHuman

Work Human is the champion of making work feel more, well, human. Their mission is right there in their name, and it’s all about transforming workplaces into environments where authentic human connections thrive. They’ve crafted an employee recognition platform, fueled by those genuine human interactions. 

While Work Human may have witnessed a recent dip in organic traffic and pages, their Domain Rating stands strong at 76, backed by a respectable 29.9K total backlinks. 

Interestingly, India emerges as their second source of traffic, with a remarkable 28K visitors per month, which lets us wonder if India is in their ideal customer profile

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Platform Pages: Work Human’s secret weapon is their entire platform pages, meticulously built around the concept of “employee experience.” Through a variety of products, they create a seamless and enriching journey for employees, ensuring they feel valued and engaged. For example, their Social Recognition page encourages users to step into the future of global recognition through productivity and engagement. 
  • Engaging Events: The Work Human’s Events category offers live sessions, webinars, and talk show editions that bring thought leaders together. They organize one per month and share in their event’s agenda.
  • Thought Leadership Resources: Work Human goes the extra mile with their “Thought Leadership” section, focusing on leadership skills that benefit both leaders and employees, for example, retention and engagement. This resource is a goldmine for those aiming to strengthen their leadership prowess.

4. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is on a mission to streamline business processes by replacing a multitude of services and apps with a single, harmonious ecosystem

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a massive enterprise, Bitrix 24 offers a smorgasbord of solutions tailored to your role, industry, business size, and every conceivable need. They’re not just about software; they’re about creating a workplace where productivity, collaboration, and innovation flourish.

Now, onto the SEO front. Bitrix 24 is no stranger to the digital battlefield, flaunting a Domain Rating (DR) of 86 and a robust backlink presence totaling 728,000. 

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Comparative Analysis: Bitrix 24’s strategic edge lies in its competitor landing pages . Here, they pit their solution against others in the market, enabling them to rank for a wide array of comparative or alternative keywords. Whether you’re searching for a “free Clickup alternative” or comparing any other tool, Bitrix 24 consistently emerges as the top-notch content solution, thanks to this clever SEO strategy.
  • Resourceful Blog: Bitrix 24’s blog has a specific focus on the “employee experience” concept. With various resource pages dedicated to this topic, they provide insights, tips, and guidance. Their blog boasts over ten categories covering an extensive range of topics, such as tasks and projects, websites, or applications.

5. Leapsome

Leapsome’s mission revolves around driving employee development, productivity, and engagement, even in the face of change, using its people enablement platform. 

While their Domain Rating (DR) might “only” be 63 and their backlink count stands at 6.5K, Leapsome is making strides in the digital realm. Their traffic might not be topping the charts, but it’s on the rise, with notable monthly traffic of 97.4K according to Ahrefs’ analysis. This growth signifies Leapsome’s approach to strengthening employee experience and engagement through performance management, employee engagement, and OKRs, even if it’s not the flashiest in the room.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Slack Community for HR Leaders: Leapsome’s unique Slack Community provides a space for HR leaders to connect and network, setting them apart from competitors. This vibrant community fosters collaboration, idea-sharing, and support among HR and People Operations professionals.
  • Knowledge Hub: Leapsome’s Knowledge Hub is a goldmine of in-depth guides, playbooks, and templates. These resources not only increase knowledge among viewers but also cater to specific customer needs. Whether it’s a playbook on hiring a manager or a template for an employee experience journey map, Leapsome ensures that its resources are tailored to address real-world challenges.
  • Success Center: Leapsome goes the extra mile with its Success Center, offering guidance to customers based on their specific roles, for example, admins, managers, or employees. Check out their Goals and OKRs page for admins to gain more insight!
  • HR and People Operations Podcast: Leapsome’s Podcast for HR and People Operations Professionals is a valuable resource that helps professionals build the best company culture. They usually publish every two months!

6. Nectar HR

An ingenious employee recognition software that combines recognizing good work, boosting engagement, promoting core values, and offering enticing rewards. 

Despite minimal variations in traffic over the years, their recent increase of 1.2K keywords, according to Ahrefs, signals a steady climb on Google Search. Nectar HR’s commitment to fine-tuning its organic presence is the hallmark of its dedication to offering a top-notch employee recognition solution.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Diverse Product Pages: Nectar HR’s success recipe includes various products tailored to facets of employee experience. They focus on recognition, awards, milestones, and challenges, providing solutions that cater precisely to the unique needs of their target audience. You can schedule a quick demo meeting for any of these!
  • Thoughtful Blog: Nectar HR may not have an extensive array of resources, but they make their blog count. Divided into four categories—employee recognition, well-being, employee engagement, and remote work—their blog serves as a knowledge hub. They publish insightful pieces of content and analysis, such as how companies deal with losing top staff members.
  •  Company Training: Nectar HR goes beyond traditional offerings by providing company training resources. These resources are instrumental in helping their audience strengthen their skills and develop their talent.

7. Bonusly

Bonusly’s platform is a dedicated platform for recognizing and celebrating outstanding work. With support from various organizations, they’ve solidified their authority on the topic, making them the go-to destination for driving engagement, boosting productivity, and saving valuable time.

This SaaS business has an impressive average monthly traffic of 44.8K, outstripping many of its competitors. Their Domain Rating (DR) at 73 and a substantial 20K backlinks showcase their strong online presence. Bonusly’s commitment to empowering organizations with recognition has made them a huge player in the SaaS landscape, where employee experience and engagement take center stage.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • “Why Bonusly” Section: Bonusly’s secret ingredient lies in their dedicated “Why Bonusly” section, where they offer tailored solutions to various audience segments. For example, they support People Managers, enabling them to excel in their roles. They connect Distributed Teams, fostering engagement even in remote work settings.
  • Robust Feature PAges: Bonusly’s range of features is at the heart of their success. These features empower their audience to increase engagement with the platform. They provide insights into analytics and results, helping organizations track the impact of recognition efforts, for example, teaching them about automated milestones and how to avoid risking important dates.

8. Work Tango

Work Tango is meticulously designed to achieve goals through the pillars of Recognition and Rewards, Employee Surveys and Insights, and Goals and Feedback—familiar elements we’ve encountered in our analysis of other platforms. 

Their Domain Rating (DR) stands at 63 and backlinks tally at 6.5K. Although they experienced a slight decrease in traffic recently, their arsenal includes 19K keywords ranking and 24.9K organic traffic, reflecting their strong SEO presence.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Vibrant YouTube Channel: Recognizing the significance of visual content, Work Tango channels its marketing efforts into a dynamic YouTube presence. With 430 subscribers and over 100 videos, they share bite-sized pieces of content monthly, especially short-form videos.

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Here’s a Case Study video, where WorkTango describes how OneStream builds a culture of recognition and rewards through their service and assistance to employees.

  • Weekly Demo Sessions: Their Weekly Demo Sessions serve as a valuable resource for teaching users about their platform’s capabilities and you can submit a demo at any time!
  • Engaging Events and Webinars: Work Tango understands the value of fostering connection, and they do it brilliantly through their events and webinars. You might find their monthly upcoming events on their main Webinar page!

9. Week Done

Week Done is focused on simplifying goal alignment and progress reporting. Their primary offering revolves around Quarterly OKRs and Weekly Updates, making the daunting task of aligning goals across a company a breeze. 

Sporting a Domain Rating (DR) of 72 and 13.5K backlinks from 4.3K referring domains, Week Done has secured a strong online presence. Over the past six months, their SEO performance has remained steady, showcasing their commitment to maintaining a robust authority in the industry. 

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Comprehensive OKRs Resources: Week Done has strategically capitalized on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to expand its online authority. They’ve created a comprehensive library of OKR resources, such as in-depth guides on how to work in this business, and articles. 
  • Engaging YouTube Channel: Despite having fewer than 80 videos, Week Done’s YouTube channel boasts more than 6.8K subscribers. While they may not have the most extensive video library among competitors, their presence on YouTube showcases their dedication to delivering valuable content regularly, at a slow pace. 
  • Versatile Use Cases: Customers can book a demo for each OKR  solution, providing flexibility in addressing various employee experience challenges. This adaptability sets them apart as a go-to platform for organizations seeking customized solutions.

10. FirstUp

FirstUp’s solution centers on reaching every worker, ensuring that no employee is left behind when it comes to engagement and communication. FirstUp empowers organizations to connect with their employees, deliver personalized communication, and gain invaluable engagement insights, all in the pursuit of crafting a successful employee experience.

This business boasts a Domain Rating (DR) of 73 and 17.3K backlinks, sourced from 3K referring domains. FirstUp has maintained stability, with no major changes in traffic or keyword rankings in recent months. Moreover, their commitment to delivering user experience, a mobile-friendly website, and various authoritative sections have solidified their online presence.

What’s their secret sauce to success?

  • Strategic Social Media Presence: FirstUp knows where its audience hangs out. They focus their social media efforts on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. For example, regularly publishing about their wins, events, and more!

LinkedIn post: here

  • Informative Guides and eBooks: Knowledge is power, and FirstUp recognizes this. Their Guides and eBooks section is a treasure trove of educational resources. From employee engagement to exceptional experiences, you can read all sorts of content.
  • Engaging Podcasts: FirstUp doesn’t just communicate; they engage. With a diverse range of podcast topics, including Culture, Comms, Cocktails, and Cruising Altitude, they offer a wealth of knowledge through interviews and in-depth discussions. You can find all their episodes on Spotify, even though they haven’t been published in a long time.

Wrapping Up the SEO Journey of Employee Experience Startups

The success of companies is a testament to the power of various marketing strategies tailored to the unique demands of the employee experience domain in the competitive SaaS landscape. Each of these companies has demonstrated an ability to not only understand their products but also to connect with their target audience in meaningful ways.

Understanding the unique value proposition of their products and aligning it with the needs and desires of their customers is key. By employing a mix of data-driven strategies, emotional engagement, educational content, and user-centric approaches, these marketers achieved lead growth and set new benchmarks in the employee experience sector of the industry.

Today, their achievements serve as a roadmap for SEO specialists and marketing enthusiasts alike, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of marketing in the digital age.


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