2.000 Event Registrations From HR Leaders to Betterworks “Empower HR 2024” Event


July 1, 2024

We got rewarded with 3 Shortlist Nominations for the Global, European and US Search Awards

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Betterworks is a leading performance management software. The world’s most dynamic enterprises rely on Betterworks to accelerate growth by supporting transparent goal-setting, enabling continuous performance, and learning from employee insights. 

We started working with Betterworks in 2020 and in 2024 Flow developed a comprehensive performance marketing strategy to promote the annual “Empower HR 2024” event, aiming to solidify Betterworks’ authority in the HR world and build substantial industry engagement.

In 2023,  we also got rewarded with 1 European Search Award and 2 Shortlist Nominations for our work with Betterworks, and in 2024 we got nominated for Best Integrated Campaign in the Global Search Awards for our performance marketing strategy for the “Empower HR 2024” event.

Our thank you goes to the amazing teams at Betterwork, Rep Cap, and AzoresX who enabled this success.


High Competition and Confusion in Search

The name of the event (EmpowerHR) is also the brand name of several other companies. 

Hence, there is high competition and confusion in Search. 

The challenges were: showing up for another company’s branded terms, high cost per click, and potential Google brand restrictions for our ad copy

We worked with a detailed negative keyword list and kept refining our ads constantly. Fortunately, we did not get any direct penalties or issues and were able to drive non-branded conversions effectively.


Capturing Existing Demand and Generating Hype and New Demand

Flow had a holistic approach across all major B2B platforms: Google, Bing, and LinkedIn. Our campaign was grounded in two main approaches:  

  • Capturing existing demand 
  • Generating hype and new demand.

We wanted to capture demand with intent-based marketing (Google Search Ads) using non-branded keywords referring to HR conference, HR webinar, HR events, HR summit

And generate demand through interruption-based marketing (Google Performance Max for event awareness). This includes remarketing to website visitors who have not registered yet and a multimedia approach, incl. text, images, and video.

We implemented LinkedIn Ads for event awareness featuring the speakers and topics, hyper-focused targeting based on titles, company size, and regions. 

We had a huge variety of ad formats on LinkedIn. Including:

  • Event Ads
  • Lead generation Ads
  • Thought leadership Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Sponsored Content Ads

The campaign was a true cross-functional and cross-agency collaboration. The entire project was run remote only from the USA to Europe.

On the client side, we worked with Betterworks teams in Demand Generation, Content Marketing and Design. The event was repurposed and distributed into a variety of content formats after. The event is a true testament to the marketing playbook “Create once, distribute forever.”


  • Total Event Registrations: Achieved 4,000 registrations, meeting the set goal with significant contributions from digital channels.
  • Channels Performance: Digital marketing efforts contributed to over 50% of the total registrations, with a notable performance boost from LinkedIn and Google Ads.

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