Revenue R&D

Maximizing Growth and Efficiency with Revenue R&D: A Structured Approach to Revenue Development


January 4, 2023


Revenue R&D (Research and Development) allows businesses to create revenue-generating campaigns in a consistent and scalable way. The term was coined in late 2022 by Chris Walker from Refine Labs.

Revenue R&D involves a systematic approach to managing revenue development:

  • Conducting experiments,
  • gathering data and analytics,
  • identifying positive signals that success,
  • scaling the revenue program,
  • integrating into existing campaigns and
  • on-going optimization.

The process is designed to help businesses to navigate the complexity of the modern market, where innovation cycles are accelerating, customers control the buying experience, and measurement complexity outpaces knowledge.

The goal of Revenue R&D is to create a culture of innovation, improve decision-making, and drive sustained growth.

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