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July 5, 2024


Zero-click content is information that provides immediate value or engagement within a platform, eliminating the need for users to navigate away, either from Google or social media. The focus of this content is to provide a concise and relevant response that doesn’t require further research. But, why?

Zero-click content firstly results from users’ lack of interest in leaving the platforms they are on. For example, users are not interested in clicking a blog post URL while scrolling on Linkedin. And secondly, the platforms’ user retention techniques: LinkedIn does not want users to leave the platform and punishes outgoing links with lower organic visibility.

Without relying on traditional click-through (CTR) metrics, marketers aim to optimize for impressions and engagement native to the platform. 

The most common types of content designed to be consumed as zero-click content are social media posts, search engine snippets, or short form video content.

Zero-click content examples

Your audience has a low attention span and only second to give. They want their answers right then and there – no teasers, no clickbait, no extended searching. 

Platforms continue prioritizing their user engagement within their own ecosystem. The only way to maximize your reach in this context is zero-click content. I

If you search for top-of-the-funnel keywords, such as “what is SEO”, you’ll get a knowledge panel with a straight-to-the-point definition, some conceptual representative images for the concept, and related terms’ suggestions to go further with your research.  

Or if you search for a company on Google, you might not even have to click on their website to know more, because you’ll receive their description, social profiles, reviews and ratings, an official address, and a street view of the office!

How to create zero-click content

These strategies will help you ensure an impactful content for your readers: 

  • Bullet lists: Use concise, easy-to-read lists that provide quick insights or answers. Matthew Proctor, CEO at Narrative Bent, crafted the perfect example in this thread on zero-click content
  • Twitter thread: Craft a series of connected tweets that tell a complete story or explain a topic in-depth. For example, Amanda Natividad’s thread on X, about zero-click content:
  • LinkedIn posts: Share insights or tips in a single post, ensuring all necessary information is included without needing external links, or add a quote on where to find further information

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  • Shorts on YouTube: Record brief videos that deliver quick how-tos or interesting facts in 60 seconds

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  • A Glossary section: Start a glossary on your website with clear, concise definitions that provide immediate, top-of-the-funnel answers to common questions. For example, our recently launched Learn section!
  • Brand-building activities: Host informative webinars that deliver content in real-time, providing immediate interaction.

Here’s an example where we decode the secret to creating a high-ranking SaaS landing page:


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Frequently asked questions about zero-click content

How to measure zero-click content?

These are three ways for measuring zero-click content:

  • Impressions (on Google and LinkedIn)
  • Engagement, such as comments on social media
  • Self-reported attributing, like contract forms:

How to do SEO for zero-click searches?

Focus on concise, highly informative content in top search results, such as featured snippets and knowledge panels. Ensure your content answers common questions clearly, and use structured data to help search engines understand your information.There are various ways you can improve your brand awareness and CTR with on-SERP SEO, here are some ideas.

Can I rank on Google if I don’t have zero-click content?

Yes, you can still rank on Google without zero-click content by optimizing your website for traditional SEO, like high-quality content, or backlinks. However, incorporating zero-click content can enhance your visibility, making it beneficial to include both strategies in your SEO efforts.

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